You were hoping for bliss in Tuesday’s flow yoga class, but kept wondering if that new lululemon top made your stomach look fat.

Most days, a bajillion emails push meditation and “Me Time” to the bottom of your To Do list.

Last night, you stayed up past your bedtime, flipping through Instagram until your eyes stung.

Sometimes you sneak a cigarette with your cold-pressed green juice (Shhh!).

You keep forgetting to water your Tree of Life,

And you’re starting to suspect that your inner High Priestess is really just a Hot Mess.

(Yup: She just smudged her mascara. Again.)

You’re not doing anything wrong.

A woman’s spiritual journey is embodied, paradoxical, and messy.

Discover a school where you can learn how to be at home in your contradictions.

Where you can grow from a “Good Girl” (who’s secretly kinda slutty) into a dynamic, self-expressed woman.

A school where you can stop chasing some make-believe spiritual “Honor Roll” … and start honoring all of yourself.

Because feminine spiritual practice doesn’t make perfect. It makes whole.

Sisters, welcome home.

Welcome to The SHE School: an unconventional haven for your Heroine’s Journey to soulful, sovereign womanhood.

A sacred space where you’ll find the guidance, support, and community you need to place what matters most at the heart of your daily life.

The SHE School isn’t just another e-course that will rot on your hard drive.

It’s a living, breathing community. A chosen family. A tribe like none other.

We’re a sisterhood of spiritual misfits, fierce believers, and loving change-makers.

Ours is a refuge of loving accountability where you can feel accepted and held.

Let your hair down while you roll up your sleeves.

And let us guide you back to yourself … especially when the going gets tough.

The SHE School 2016

A 9-Month Spiritual Practice Community for Women

February 1- October 31, 2016

Daily Soul Sustenance for the Modern Woman

Receive …

  • An integrated framework for feminine Awakening.
  • Guidance from Sara Avant Stover, her certified assistant mentors, and special guest teachers.
  • Practices and prompts to deepen your insight and weave it into your daily life.
  • Loving support from an eclectic, global sisterhood.

Practice …

  • Women’s yin and flow yoga for every season and cycle.
  • Insight meditation to open your heart and experience the radical truth of who you are.
  • Shadow work to put an end to your inner wars.
  • Monthly mini-retreats to unplug, drop in, and take exquisitely good care of yourself.
  • Daily rituals and simple practices to spark profound shifts.

So you can …

  • Align with your feminine rhythms.
  • Trust your body’s wisdom. (Finally.)
  • Place spiritual practice at the center of your life.
  • Surrender to the ups and downs that each day brings.
  • Soften. Love. Awaken.

“This course was hugely transformative, raw, spicy, deeply honest & supportive. I really haven’t found anything else like it out there.”

Eva Papadakis

Hong Kong

Step off the hamster wheel of busy-ness and perfectionism.

You give and you give and you give … until you’re so depleted and stressed, you have nothing left. But there’s no medals for martyrdom here.

The only way to give more … is to give to yourself first.

Practice random acts of selfishness.

In the SHE School, you’ll learn to love others better by loving yourself more. You’ll learn to honor your need for quiet and rest. To stop apologizing for your sensitivity and start cherishing it.

Because self-love? Is serious business.

Stop suffering your way to Enlightenment.

How many times have you “powered through” a yoga class, even though you were exhausted or bleeding? How many times have you yelled at yourself for hitting “snooze” instead of meditating?

When self-care feels like a chore, it backfires. And when spiritual practice gets rigid, we stagnate.

The SHE School makes exquisite self-care a devotional art.

Because you can be disciplined without turning into a drill sergeant. And you can be gentle without being lazy. (Truly.)

Honor your softness. Open, open, open. Now THAT’s hardcore.

Set “unplug” to autopilot.

Studies show: we plummet into anxiety and depression the more time we spend online. And when we’re stressed and overwhelmed, we disconnect from ourselves … and each other.

With monthly video retreats and ongoing support, The SHE School makes it easy to make “me time” non-negotiable.

Break free from the Cult of Busy. Become fluent in the language of Silence … and get the soul nourishment every woman needs.

You can’t radiate love and light when you’re at war with yourself.

Here, we get real about our darkness and muck. We look our Self-Saboteur in the eye.

We drink tea with our Inner Critic and do the Hokey Pokey with our Vulnerable Child.

Because those unhealthy habits and dreaded demons within you are all neglected parts of yourself, just longing for love.

All of you is welcome here.

Stop sweeping your shadows under the rug — and heal them, once and for all.

Because when you dance with your darkness … you can step into de-light.

Blaze your own trail home … to yourself.

Because when you come home to your inner wisdom, you’re at home anywhere.

This is the Heroine’s Journey.

And it would be an honor to walk it with you.


Hello, beautiful.

I’m Sara Avant Stover, and I’ve learned the hard way that masculine, drill sergeant-style spiritual practices simply don’t work for women. My own Heroine’s Journey has demanded that I learn to soften, to make exquisite self-care non-negotiable, to dance with my dark side, to embrace my natural rhythms … and to blaze my own trail back to myself.

I bring to this program a slower, saner rhythm, which I imbibed into every cell of my being while living in Thailand for a decade. I bring two decades of yoga and meditation practice, women’s work, and my own psychological healing. As a women’s mentor, I’ve devoted myself to guiding women back to their profound wisdom within: what I call one’s “SHE.”

Tens of thousands of women worldwide, of all ages, spiritual orientations, and levels of experience have been inspired by the stories and insights in my best-selling books, The Way of the Happy Woman and The Book of SHE.

The SHE School 2106 breathes to life the practices and perspectives, tools and insights of my two books. Because the Heroine’s Journey requires more than know-how. It takes courage, commitment, and surrender. It means going against the grain of modern busyness and conventional wisdom. That’s why we can’t do it alone.

We women need sacred community. We need trustworthy mentorship.

We need each other.

The SHE School 2106 echoes the soft, healing sanctuaries I’ve created to support my own spiritual evolution for decades. It follows in the footsteps of The Red Tent: my beloved global practice community, first created in 2008.

The SHE School is now the fullest expression and evolution of my life’s work. It allows every woman to place the Heroine’s Journey at the heart of her life — however busy she may be.

May it guide you back home … to your Self.

With love and respect,


“I’m so excited to be part of this amazing group!”

Laura Fragiacomo



Claim your truest Self on this 9-month Heroine’s Journey.

Discover the signposts along a woman’s spiritual path. Partner with the rhythms woven into every cell of your female body. Root yourself in nature’s rhythms.

Our nine-month curriculum follows the 3 core phases of the Heroine’s Journey, as outlined in my new book, The Book of SHE.

Since the Heroine’s Journey is not meant to be embarked on alone, here, you’ll get the guidance, loving mentorship, and timeless community you need to fully live and embody it.

Phase 1: Preparing for the Journey

Adopt a fresh, more-empowered perspective on your life. See your challenges as doorways and your neuroses as gifts. With honesty and inclusivity, build a strong, nourishing foundation for your spiritual practice– and your entire life.


Leaving Your Normal Life

  • Learn how to get the most out of our 9-months together.
  • Get grounded with course materials, logistics, and technology, with our loving support team.
  • Explore the differences between the Hero’s and Heroine’s Journeys.
  • Update your beliefs around failure, success, sensitivity, and womanhood.
  • Set intentions in our online forum, enjoy your first SHE Retreat, and settle into our sisterhood.

Healing the Mother Wound

  • Explore your inner house and awaken your intuitive center, in your belly.
  • Heal your first, most primal feminine relationship: with your mother.
  • Decipher between real self-care vs. stressful, surface-level self-care.
  • Learn how to honor and listen to all parts of yourself, everyday.
  • Build a trustworthy, personal relationship with the Divine Mother.

Living a SHE-Centered Life

  • Cut away the fat and create more white space in your daily life.
  • Clarify your yes’s and no’s.
  • Learn the most important inquiry for freedom and happiness, as a woman.
  • Relax into a guided ritual…to meet your SHE.
  • Begin to craft a spiritual path that is uniquely yours.

Phase 2: The Descent

You’re a dynamic woman, and within you lives an entire community of “people”. As we journey into the underworld, you’ll meet some key members of your inner family. Through this, you’ll better understand and harness your bad moods, transform your Inner Critic into an ally, and start to honor your greatest feminine strength (perhaps for the first time in your life).


Dancing with the Dark Goddess

  • Safely dig into your demons, Inner Saboteurs, and shadow behavior.
  • Air your secrets, and free yourself of shame.
  • Learn to decipher the red-hot wisdom in your anger, and how to work with it skillfully.
  • Find ways to explore the darkness, without being destroyed by it.

Ending the War Within

  • Unmask your Inner Critic, Perfectionist, Pusher, and Inner Patriarch. Learn to work with them, rather than to be ruled by them.
  • Meet your Inner Little Girl, and learn to be her loving Mama.
  • Learn to forgive and create an inner truce.
  • Explore a new dimension to psychological wholeness and daily self-care.

Unlocking the Magic in Your SHE Cycles

  • See the mini-Heroine’s Journey of death and rebirth that happens through your monthly lunar and hormonal cycles.
  • Transform your feminine cycles into sacred trainings that teach you how to gracefully weather life’s challenges.
  • Learn how stress can be really good for you.
  • Learn yoga, meditation & lifestyle rituals for PMS, menses, peri-menopause, and menopause.
  • Live well by intending to die well.

Phase 3: The Ascent

Harness the energy set free by your Dark Side. Heal your relationship with the Divine Masculine. Create and sustain healthy boundaries. Rekindle your creativity & design a life you love. Create a life you can love and enjoy.


Turning on Your Brights

  • Re-emerge from your personal underworld refreshed, renewed, reborn.
  • Explore your relationship with ecstasy.
  • Learn to “be the lover” in every situation.
  • Step into your real growing edge: your Golden Shadow.

Marrying the Divine Masculine

  • Find true integration by distinguishing between your inner, tyrannical “Patriarch” and the Divine Masculine.
  • Heal your relationship with the masculine, within you and out in the world.
  • Create the strong, flexible structures and boundaries to protect your visions and dreams.
  • Experience the “Sacred Marriage” within you, so you can skillfully activate both masculine and feminine energies, whenever needed.

Birthing Your Beautiful Life

  • Unearth the genius of your Magical Inner Child.
  • Open to your innate creative potential and dream a new dream for your life.
  • Cultivate harmony and cohesion within yourself.
  • Receive the blessings and celebration of a successful journey.

“This is a life changing, deep journey into your soul, mind, and body. I loved it all!!!”

Mariana Morales

Who is SHE?

Some call her Sophia. Others call her Kuan Yin, Mary, Pachamama, Buffalo Woman, Grandmother Spider, Isis, Shakti, the Mother.

She’s the sparkle in your eyes, the wind weaving through trees, the leap of your dog through the hills outside.

She’s the very breath you’re breathing right now. The roll of thunder outside.

The pulsation in your body that you’ve grown numb to. The blood in your underwear, the bloat in your belly.

We all have to find Her, and in finding Her, we must learn how and what to call Her.

I call her SHE.

SHE’s the one who won’t let you hide anymore.

SHE lives inside you as your most sacred inner knowing, even when you ignore Her.

SHE’s the one who draws in anything and everything that’s both good and deplorable about your life.

SHE’s your expansion and your contraction, your love and your hate.

SHE’s everywhere because SHE’s everything.

And yet, SHE’s so subtle that you could miss Her. Most of us do.

SHE seems unpredictable, but there’s great wisdom to Her grace. SHE’s a trickster, with a wicked sense of humor.

SHE’s here to remind you: you’re destined for more than just suffering your suffering.

SHE won’t let you fall asleep to the song of your soul.

SHE doesn’t care if you’re uncomfortable, SHE only cares that you wake up to the truth of who you are.

Most every woman has forgotten Her, and yet, SHE’s alive and well.

Even if you think you’ve never met Her, SHE’s always been with you. SHE will never leave you.

No matter what.

SHE can’t be controlled. SHE can’t be acquiesced into becoming anything other than SHE.

SHE’s an unconventional compass by which to navigate life.

SHE’s a genius, here to lead you home to yours.

And SHE will enter in any way that SHE can.

When you heal your relationship with Her, you heal your relationship with all of life.

The 8 Parts of our Path to Wholeness

Feminine awakening is embodied, rhythmic, mystical, practical, and a whole-Self experience.

That’s why The SHE School offers you an integrated path, including:

“This is a sanctuary where you can find a warm embrace when you’re feeling low, a kick in the pants when you need some get up and go, some wise woman wisdom when you don’t know which way to go, and a mirror showing you what you need to know.”

Kate Walker


The SHE School will support, challenge, and awaken you.

Our approach to feminine spirituality is simple, practical, grounded. And sometimes a little edgy. The result? Feel empowered, sovereign, and deeply fulfilled in your life.

The SHE School applies ancient technology to modern womanhood.

Along the way, you will:

  • Become your own best friend. Learn to truly love yourself. That means all of you. Even when you don’t feel your best.
  • Prioritize your inner life. In big ways and small. With simple practices that create profound shifts. In ways that will serve you every day, for a lifetime.
  • Trust your inner wisdom & honor your sensitivity. Learn to slow down, be mindful, and honor your intuition. (Yes, even if you’re super busy.)
  • Embrace nourishing self-care rituals. We’ll ditch those things we feel we need to do in order to be perfect and replace them with the core actions that bring true replenishment for you.
  • Feel safe and at home in the world. You won’t get rid of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and doubt. But you will learn how to be friends with them when they visit you. When you feel at home within yourself, you feel at home everywhere.
  • Rekindle passion, playfulness, curiosity, and joy. When we resist and judge the parts of ourselves that we deem un-loveable, we also push away our brightest qualities. Uncover the gems hidden inside your shame and self-hatred.
  • Reclaim your embodied instincts. Sadly, our modern culture usually teaches us to shut these down at an early age. As adult women,  reconnecting with this bodily wisdom unlocks the very energy, passion, and insight we crave and seek outside of ourselves.
  • Transform your inner critic. Gain skills to listen to what your inner critic is really trying to tell you (it’s not what you think!), and find the deeper wisdom inside other negative inner voices. Dialogue with them and discover their true power.
  • Set clear and strong boundaries. Clarify your Yes’s and No’s. Welcome in the fierce discernment of how to protect what brings you most alive and that which is sacred to you.
  • Meet your shadow and befriend your dark moods. You can’t get to joy without getting cozy with your own Dark Side. Safely, and at your own pace, poke around your shadow side to reclaim lost power and vitality that resides there.
  • Celebrate your sensuality. A woman’s relationship to the Divine, and Life, is erotic. Rekindle your sensual, sexual self and enjoy a more devotional, creative, passionate, and expressive way of Life.
  • Cultivate resilience. Life includes pain and pleasure, gain and loss. Learn to resource deeper wells of perseverance. Stay steadier through life’s storms and anchor yourself in the bigger picture to help you get through the tough times.
  • Rock your rhythms.  Our feminine bodies are governed by cycles and rhythms. They connect us to the earth, sun, moon, sea, and stars – but most importantly, to ourselves. We devote a whole month to unlocking the magic in our cycles, from menses to menopause, so that you can learn how to ebb and flow with these larger rhythms in your own life.
  • Hone your masculine. Oftentimes one of the biggest keys to living the life that we want as women is to investigate how we are relating to the masculine outside of us (our fathers, partners, sons, co-workers, leaders) and within us (the voices that push or control, and those that defend and protect). Every strong, whole woman, needs to partner with her inner Divine Masculine.
  • Heal your relationships. Rather than running away and hiding when the going gets tough (“no one understands me”), or getting snarky and snippy (“I’ll show them who’s boss!”), learn to be open, honest, and vulnerable with others. Create a life where you put your relationships first.
  • Get challenged. Your SHE is fiery. Bold. Gutsy. She risks and provokes and challenges — all for love. Experience the personal growth that the loving heat that a wise sisterhood can offer.

The SHE School includes:

  • Live, half-day video SHE retreats with Sara every month. Living a life of meaning is much more do-able when you make space for silence, inner listening, and self-care. Each month, we will gather for a guided mini-retreat including women’s circle practices, yin and flow yoga, meditation, and journaling. Connect, learn, practice, get inspired for the month ahead, and press “re-set.”
  • “SHE Talks” with Sara. Provocative, inspiring talks on each month’s themes, given at the start of every virtual SHE Retreat.
  • Mentoring Calls with a The Way of the Happy Woman® certified teacher every month. Get live support, community interaction, and guidance in these casual group calls with one of my gifted teaching assistants.
  • Online SHE Circle. Connect with our eclectic sisterhood to share laughs, insights, and support with women from across the globe, from all backgrounds and seasons of life. Our beautiful, private online forum is available 24/7.
  • Journaling & Life Design Guides. At the beginning of every phase — and again for each month — we will set new intentions and embrace new practices to support them. We’ll look inwards, with contemplative prompts, to explore hidden beliefs, memories, and dreams. Through this, we’ll uncover our own wisdom and creativity.
  • Wise Woman Resource Library. Access a treasure trove of interviews between Sara and wise women on a variety of topics: yoga, spirituality, self-care, creativity & productivity, money, hormones, leadership, motherhood, business, sex & relationships, and more.
  • Monthly “SHE Dates.” These optional (yet highly encouraged) outings with your SHE invite you to dance at your edge and break out of your comfort zone. To create space to be in relationship with your depths. And to try on flavors of the feminine that you feel judgmental about, intimidated by, or estranged from.
  • Small Nurture Circles. Receive and offer loving accountability. Keep your sacred fire tended throughout our entire journey by gathering in small, intimate groups, in-between our live group events, for even more support and connection. These are optional.

Questions? We’ve got you covered. Read our FAQ’s here.

“This 9-month commitment is beyond worth it and is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.”

Megan Roop


Meet Our Guest Teachers

You’ll hear from a whole league of wise women to help shine light on your Way.

In addition to our monthly retreats and Q & A calls, you will also receive interviews with these guest teachers to enhance and highlight each month’s theme.

Body & Health:

Dr. Sara Gottfried

Harvard-trained MD with 20+ years of experience and the author of the “The Hormone Cure”

Harmonizing Women’s Hormones

Jo Schalman and Julie Peláez

Authors & Founders of the Conscious Cleanse

How to Overcome Self-Doubt and Own our Own Authority by Activating our Own Powers of Self-Healing

Carmen Cool

Psychotherapist, Educator, Activist

Discovering Health at Every Size

Sex & Relationship:

Kim Anami

Provocateur, Innovator, Illuminator, Catalyst

Sacred Sexuality

Ellen Heed

Somatic Educator and Healer

The Sex Education You Never Got as a Woman

Career, Creativity & Money:

Hiro Boga

Energy alchemist and everyday miracle worker for creative entrepreneurs

Inner Alchemy for Creating a Life You Love

Bari Tessler

Financial Therapist, Mentor Coach, Mama-preneur

The Art of Money & Fiscal Self Care

Jennifer Lee

Author & Founder of The Right Brain Business Plan

How to Boost Your Business the Feminine Way with The Right Brain Business Plan

Life & Leadership:

Chameli Ardagh

Founder of Awakening Women Institute

The Four Keys to Feminine Leadership

Jennifer Louden

Best-selling author

How to Slow Down, Give Your Gifts, Overcome Perfectionism, and Become the Heroine of your Own Life

Amy Ippoliti

Yoga Instructor, Earth Advocate, and Co-Founder of 90 Monkeys

How to Become More of Your Bright, Beautiful Self and Set Goals that Work

Julie Daley

Certified coach, teacher and writer, and the creator of Unabashedly Female

Wildly Creative Feminine Leadership from Within


Sera Beak

Harvard trained scholar & Author of “Red Hot and Holy”

The Red, Hot & Holy Path of Feminine Spirituality

Sofia Diaz

Hatha yoga master and expert in feminine spiritual practice

What is the Red Tent Really & Unconventional Truths about Feminine Spiritual Practice

Sabrina Chaw

Women’s Wellness and Empowerment Coach

Directing our Inner Masculine & Feminine Energies

Sarah Powers

Founder and author of Insight Yoga

The Path of the Modern Yogini

Susan Piver

New York Times bestselling author and Buddhist meditation teacher

Open Your Heart to Change the World

And of course, there’s me: your leader for these nine months. I’ll be walking this path with you, not above you. You will get the very best of me this year: in focused teachings and sisterly support; in profound shifts and pragmatic tools; in mentoring, embodied wisdom teachings, and love. Lots and lots of love. Quite simply: this is the work I am here to do.

About Sara Avant Stover

Sara Avant Stover is a yoga and meditation teacher and bestselling author of The Way of the Happy Woman: Living the Best Year of Your Life (New World Library, 2011) and The Book of SHE: Your Heroine’s Journey into the Heart of Feminine Power (New World Library, 2015). She’s also the leader and founder of the beloved global women’s community, The Way of the Happy Woman.

Sara graduated Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude from Columbia University’s all-women’s school, Barnard College. After a cancer scare in her early twenties, she moved to Thailand, where she embarked on a decade-long healing and spiritual odyssey throughout Asia. She has since gone on to uplift the lives of tens of thousands of women worldwide.

The creator of Reversing Our “Curse,” The SHE School, and the world’s first Women’s Yoga Teacher Training, Sara has been featured in Yoga Journal, the Huffington Post, Newsweek, Natural Health, and on ABC, NBC, and CBS.

Sara’s work has been featured in:


Meet Our Support Team

This year, for the first time, we have the honor of being supported by two of our certified teachers of The Way of the Happy Woman®.

Both of these wise women have passed, with flying colors, the (rigorous!) The Way of the Happy Woman Certification Training™.

Plus they’ve participated in this program since its inception, and have attending live SHE Retreats. Not to mention, they both also trained coaches. In short: You will be in very good hands with these two.

We love them dearly, and know that you will too.

Katy Taylor

Katy Taylor

Community Mentor


Deb Dawson-Dunn

Deb Dawson-Dunn

Community Manager


Is The SHE School right for you?

Every woman is welcome. But not every woman is called.

Ours is a rich, eclectic sisterhood. From maiden to mother to crone. From San Francisco to Sydney. Straight, queer, black, red, messy, magic, bloody, sweaty, introverted, daring, delicate, wise, or deep, all are welcomed and none are turned away.

But no program is right for everyone.

The SHE School is perfect for you if:

  • You’re motivated (or are ready to be!). You will receive SO much support over these 9 months. And if you ask for help, you will receive it. Yet in a group mentoring program, it’s ultimately up to you to raise your hand. It’s your sacred duty to apply and practice and delve and risk and explore. No one can show up for you. Do you feel ripe, ready, and hungry for this responsibility?
  • You are willing and able to make time. The SHE School is lovingly designed to fit into your full life — and even includes support for feminine time & energy management and how to create more SPACE in your life. In order to get the most from this experience, though, it’s important that you have some flexibility and opening in your life for practice and connection. Can you open your heart and calendar to this commitment?
  • You appreciate my fierce and gentle approach. You’ve read The Way of the Happy Woman and/or The Book of SHE and loved it. Or you’ve stumbled across an article or two of mine online and enjoyed them. Or you simply trust that we’d be a good match, for your own reasons. But you’re ready and willing to take a deep dive with me. I walk my talk and keep “white space” and “SHE time” on my calendar. I turn on my high beams with you. I speak what needs to be said and don’t candy-coat the Truth. I live at my edge and nudge you to do the same. And my boundaries are fierce, full, and clear.
  • You’re willing to get courageous. This is edgy, intimate work. It’s for women ready to brave their darkness, express their deepest wisdom, and craft a life of sacred balance. You will receive oh so much support … yet you will also be challenged to take your seat and take charge of your life.
  • A women’s community sounds fantastic. Or at least intriguing. Perhaps you love community, and it’s a guiding force in your life. Or maybe you long for community, and feel it’s painfully missing from your life. Maybe you distrust women and are looking to heal your relationship with the feminine. Whatever your history is, you’re ready and up for the challenge, support, and connection of a virtual sisterhood.
  • You have some experience with practice. You certainly don’t need to be an expert yogini or master meditator! But you have at least a novice’s familiarity with yoga, meditation, and self-care. You’re ready to go deeper into the feminine side of yoga, meditation & feminine spirituality, with me, online.

The SHE School is NOT for you if:

  • You need lots of 1-on-1 attention. Some women need intimate mentoring to thrive. Yes, some seasons of our lives demand intense, ongoing, personalized attention. If either of these apply to you: honor that. The SHE School will still offer wonderful support for you, but it is primarily about group mentoring and spiritual practice within a women’s community.
  • You have ZERO experience with practice. If yoga, self-care, and meditation are 100% foreign to you, the SHE School may be too big of a stretch. Honor your interest and willingness to learn — and start with one of my books, or my shorter online immersion–here, here, and here.
  • You don’t like technology, prefer in-person interactions, and/or don’t believe in online learning. I get it: nothing replaces face-to-face, flesh-to-flesh contact. We’ve created The SHE School to serve and connect a multi-generational community of women from across the world, and the variety of perspectives serves everyone. We offer this through the convenient format of the online world, through virtual teleconferencing and webcasts, an online resource hub, and forums. However, if you absolutely need only live, in-the-flesh gatherings, or despise all things internet, The SHE School isn’t the right place for you.
  • You are already signed up for a bajillion other online courses. Learning to relax, restore, and rest is a huge part of feminine practice. The SHE School will support you in this — even if you have a full, busy schedule. Yet you do need at least some spaciousness in your schedule to engage in this work. If you’re already signed up for a gazillion courses and commitments, 2016 may not be the right year for you.
  • You want a magic pill. Feminine practice will humble and transform you. Yet this process takes work. Commitment. Devotion. Time. Patience. Know: this program will challenge and grow you. If you let it. But nothing will be spoon-fed to you. Our steps may be simple and small, yet they require your attention and work. Dabbling won’t cut it. Abandoning ship won’t serve you. And the hard truth is: in the realm of spiritual growth, there is no such thing as a quick fix. This course is 9-months for a reason. We need that full amount of time for this journey.

How The SHE School is different:

The Sacred Feminine is waking up all over the world. That means we have a myriad of leaders, books, courses, retreats, and programs to support us in that.

My teachings have their own flavor in this emerging cornucopia. I speak to things not being spoken about in this massive movement. And the SHE School is a unique experience. Here’s why:

  • It is first and foremost about spiritual practice. Here, we don’t just talk about practice; we actually practice (yoga, meditation, and conscious relating to oneself and others). This is the root of anything and everything that is deeply rewarding in life. Every outer change we need and long for must first happen within. The SHE School is a supportive container for the deep inner work that teaches you how to live beyond praise and blame, gain and loss, pleasure and pain, fame and disrepute. Because the truth is: only inner work can change you (and the world).
  • It’s inside-out, not outside-in. Most online courses are about outside answers and authority. Piling on information. Seeking external answers to learn and apply. But: deep, lasting changes always come from within ourselves. From our personal insight. The SHE School isn’t another dogma to pile on and pack in. Instead, it offers you the tools and confidence to access, befriend, and integrate your own inner guidance. YOU must become the Mistress of your own Universe.
  • It welcomes all spiritual and religious orientations. While the practices you’ll find here are based in women’s yoga and Buddhist meditation, we also incorporate a variety of other approaches and traditions, from the mystical to the psychological. I have no agenda other than supporting your embodied awakening. All of the practices you’ve previously learned are welcome here — and you’ll find support and cheerleading to do whatever serves you best.
  • We talk about what’s taboo (like blood, darkness, self-loathing, sabotage, and shame). One of my superpowers is to speak to that which has been left unspoken. I like to challenge the status quo and resuscitate parts of our consciousness that have been relegated to shadow and shame. This immersion isn’t about learning how to be perfect or feel blissful all the time. Sorry, that just ain’t possible. It’s about embracing the full spectrum of our womanhood– the messy, painful, sinful, shameful, as well as meeting and expanding the threshold of just how much joy and goodness we can let in ( they go hand-in-hand).
  • We take retreats, together. The central hearth of our SHE School is our monthly retreats. Taking retreats is a lost art in the modern world, and an essential soul vitamin for sanity, creativity, and happiness amidst all the ups and downs of life. We desperately need these “pauses” in order to live sustainably and to keep growing and evolving together. By gathering together in a sacred space, for spiritual practice, you learn to incorporate these into your own daily, monthly, and yearly rhythms.
  • It’s about the integration of feminine AND masculine. Developing our inner feminine is wonderful — but it’s not enough. For true wholeness, healing, and worldly prowess, we need to know our own Divine Masculine, too. Most women’s work ignores the masculine energy that every woman holds — leaving it misunderstood and even shunned. In the SHE School, we will embrace and partner with our inner masculine: inwardly and outwardly. We will do deep healing work here to distinguish the Inner Patriarch from the Divine Masculine, and in doing so realize the sacred marriage of feminine and masculine within ourselves that true healing demands.
  • It makes the virtual world sacred. Technology isn’t good or bad. It is what we make of it. It’s so easy to get disembodied, scattered, and stressed when engaging the online. But it doesn’t have to be that way! The SHE School creates an embodied, sacred space within the virtual world. And every step of the way, you will learn how to use the internet in a healthier, more life-affirming way.
  • We are multi-generational. The SHE School celebrates every phase of womanhood. Maidens and mothers and elders. By gathering together in this way, we tap wisdom from all stages and seasons of life. We reclaim lost parts of ourselves. We restore powerful facets of femininity that modern society usually (and sadly) ignores.
  • We are world-centric and diverse. Since leading my first retreats in Thailand over 15 years ago, I’ve welcomed a diverse, global community. In years past, at least 50% of The SHE School members have hailed from outside the United States: from Qatar to Sweden, from Turkey to Brazil, from Kosovo to Dubai. Our range of perspectives and experiences enrich every woman in The SHE School.

This is new…

Introducing The SHE School LUXE Membership:

Some of you may be looking for more of a personalized mentorship. You’re working through some big personal issues, or creating big things in the world (or both), and you’d like some more loving attention and honest reflection throughout the year. So, in 2016, I wanted to offer you the option to work more intimately together in this in-depth learning track that runs concurrently with the regular SHE School track. This is by application only.

We’ll be a small group, meeting a total of three times together during these nine months. At the start, each woman will choose one “project” that she wants to focus on and bring into completion by the end of the journey. This can be a quality you want to call forth from within yourself, a health upgrade, a writing project or business idea, or an aspect of relationship or parenting that you want to grow. I, along with our intimate circle of peers, will give you the honest and supportive reflection you need to bring this creation to life.

In addition to this, because of our close, intimate group, we’ll go much deeper into meditation, yoga, and the more nuanced aspects of feminine spirituality that can only be explored in person.

The LUXE membership includes everything in the SHE School, PLUS:


A week-long, silent SHE Retreat with Sara at Feathered Pipe Ranch in Montana from June 3-10, 2016.

In-person retreats are the most potent way to transform and rejuvenate. If you want to accelerate your practice or overcome long-standing inner & outer obstacles, this is the best way.

This private retreat (not open for public registration after February) will be intimate and personalized for each woman who attends. This is the only live event I’ll host in 2016.

It includes daily SHE Talks, meditation, yin and flow yoga, dance, women’s circle practices, journaling, and solo time in nature. We’ll be the only group at this private retreat center, which is surrounded by hundreds of acres of forests and mountains.

Our retreat topic will be, “The Dakini’s Initiation: The Heart of Real Feminine Power,” to help you fully bring forth the full spectrum of feminine power, as it lives inside your sexuality and sensuality. We’ll focus on archetypes such as The Temple Priestess and the Dakini (the enlightened feminine in Buddhism), to draw forth hidden dimensions of your womanhood.

This silent retreat includes room and board in a shared room (you will have an option to upgrade to a single upon registration- space is limited), as well as free roundtrip airport transfers when you fly into Helena Montana’s Helena Regional Airport. Read more about traveling to Feathered Pipe Ranch here. Airfare is not included.

Learn more about Feathered Pipe Ranch here.

Sample Daily Schedule*:

  • 7:30-8: Meditation
  • 8-9: Breakfast
  • 9-10: Personal Time
  • 10-1: Program session with Sara
  • 1-2 Lunch
  • 2-3 Personal Time
  • 3-4 Nature Walk
  • 4-6: Program session with Sara
  • 6-6:30: Meditation
  • 6:30-7:30: Dinner
  • 8-9: Meditation & Restorative Yoga

*This is a sample retreat schedule and subject to change.

What women are saying about Sara’s SHE Retreats:

“One of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my LIFE. Sara’s in-person retreats are magical in a way that you just can’t duplicated in a book or online.”

“This is a retreat for those who want to go deeper. Deeper than they’ve ever travelled before. It exceeded all of my expectations!”

Jobie Lay

Seattle, WA

“This journey has been life-changing, opening my eyes and heart. I am committed to my practice, I feel connected, and I know who I am!”

Shellie Anderson

Los Angeles, CA

“This program will transform you. It will help you see yourself more clearly, understand your challenges, and teach you how to truly get in touch with the wisest part of yourself.”

Deb Dawson-Dunn


LUXE membership also includes two virtual mastermind gatherings with Sara.

These will take place during the first and third phases of The SHE School, to come together as an intimate community at either end of our live retreat.

Since I won’t be leading live Q & A sessions for regular SHE School members, this is the place to receive personalized mentorship in those areas where you’re needing support, enjoy some group mastermind time on the core project you’ve chosen to give birth to during this 9-month journey.

Registration Gifts

When you enroll in The The SHE School 2016, you’ll also receive this potent gift to supplement your Heroine’s Journey:

Reversing Our “Curse”:

Yoga, Meditation & Lifestyle Rituals for Your Cycle– from Menses to Menopause.

Receive full access to my acclaimed (and newly updated in August 2015) course. You’ll learn how to stop working around your cycles and start working with them.

Your feminine cycles aren’t a curse: they’re alchemical miracles, hiding in plain sight, happening right in your own body. And when you understand them, you’ll recognize the gifts they offer at every level of your being.

For every woman, in any season of life. (Whether you’re bleeding, peri-menopausal, or post-menopausal.) Learn more about this program here.

I’ll share this with you in July, as you’ll work through this material (3 mini-retreats, journaling pdf’s, plus a wise woman resource library) throughout that month.

Ready for a Recap?

What: The SHE School is a 9-month immersion. A global women’s practice community. A sacred haven and sustaining resource to practice, evolve, dare, alchemize, birth, and celebrate our whole selves.

When: Everything starts in February, 1 2016. On that date, we have our opening SHE Circle, and you will be welcomed into our online sanctuary.

Our program ends on October 31.

Once registration closes, this program will not be offered again until February 2017.

Where: The SHE School is a completely virtual program. We welcome women from all over the world. Create a sacred space online, in your own home, and together.

Who: For women. For maidens, mothers, queens, and crones. For the tender, the bold, the courageous, the wise, the sexy, the messy, and the everything that you are.

How Much:
9 monthly payments of $115 — OR — one, one-time payment of $950.

— OR —

Breathe. Tune in to your SHE.
Is your heart a “Yes”?

Your Investment in Yourself

The SHE School

$115/month for 9 months

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- OR -

One-time payment of $950 (save $165)

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Sign Up

Registration for The SHE School is now closed.

We'd love to stay in touch, and to support you with your life and practice until then.

Sign up below to receive feminine wisdom, loved straight to your inbox, from Sara; and to get on our early notification list for when registration opens again in November 2016.

- OR -

For women who want to be intimately mentored by Sara this year...

Invest in your SHE in a big way this year, because you so very much deserve it, my dear!

Treat yourself to a year of transformation in The SHE School, within this more intimate, in-depth container.

Plus, join Sara and our sisterhood for two virtual mastermind retreats, and in person for a week-long, silent SHE Retreat in Montana's pristine wilderness.

The SHE School LUXE

The SHE School 2016 + The SHE Retreat 2016 +
2 Virtual Mastermind Retreats with Sara

For those of you who love a good deal!

Sign up with for the retreat & get The SHE School and 2 virtual mastermind retreats as a bonus.

SHE Retreat

A total savings over $1200.

Learn more about the LUXE membership here.

The SHE Retreat is a 7-Day in-person retreat into the heart of feminine power. June 3-10, 2016 in the pristine wilderness of Montana.

*Both of these are prerequisites for applying for The Way of the Happy Woman® Certification training to become licensed to teach retreats in your home community.

$540/month for 6 months

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- OR -

One-time payment of $4240 $2950

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Please review our no-refund policy before signing up.

Have questions? Find your answers here.

Having problems with your order? Email us here.

The SHE School is …

… the only online program I’m teaching this year, and I’m ready to pour my full heart and energy into it.

… a guiding light, showing you the way home to your heart.

… a connection to a rich community of sisters.

… teachings on how to slow down and live a more sane and sustainable life.

… how you can cultivate the inner resources you already have within you, so you can meet the life that’s yours to meet.

Our No-Refund Policy

I believe that every time a woman commits to her path, she must trust and follow that Divine Impulse through, all the way to the end.

As Zen master Suzuku Roshi wrote in Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, the spiritual path is like getting on to a train that you cannot get off of. You must ride it all the way until the end. If you leave early, the unfinished business you have left behind will haunt you incessantly.

For this reason, this is a non-refundable, non-transferable investment in your relationship with your own deepest truth. We offer no refunds, for any reason. This also includes no premature stopping or adjusting of payment plans (for any reason).

Truly: we do this to protect you. Time and experience have shown us that this is the best way to serve your SHE and to strengthen our group experience.

Here are 5 reasons why we don’t offer refunds:

  1. You have to be “all-in” to do this work. The SHE School will challenge and provoke you. It will invite you to face your deepest shadows, befriend them, and uncover the gems hiding within them. This is your chance to face some of the biggest obstacles in your life, and to transform them into your greatest blessings. This is sometimes dirty, messy work. To become whole, you may need to go the places you’ve avoided — maybe for decades. You may want to stop before you get to the other side. By not allowing you to give up on yourself, our no-refund policy is just one of the many ways we support you along your Heroine’s Journey.
  2. The curriculum is designed to be completed. As opposed to “drop-in” women’s circles or ongoing monthly membership programs, The SHE School is designed to take you through a specific arc of learning, insight, and empowerment. Each stage of the journey needs to be completed. If you stick with this for the duration, if you share your goals and seek support, I’m confident you’ll emerge on the other side having grown through the parts of yourself that most needed it. Your life will reflect the change in ways you can’t anticipate yet. Stopping partway through will not serve you in the deepest, highest way. Real growth continues until it’s finished, sometimes in spite of ourselves.
  3. We inform and empower you before you decide. We want your decision to join The SHE School to feel exciting, clear, and good. All the information you need to decide is here, either on this page or on my main website. I made sure there are no surprises, no unexpected things you’ll find or uncover as you go through the course. It’s all here. So ask yourself: Does this page make sense to you? Does it resonate with what you most want? How does your body feel? What does your SHE have to say about this? What is the Sacred Impulse at work, beneath your Inner Critic, skeptic, and fears?
  4. “Whether you believe you can or can’t, you are right.” This kind of work demands our commitment, right from the start. And the fierce feminine may be graceful — but she’s NOT wishy-washy. Make the decision process around joining The SHE School an exercise in contacting your inner wisdom. Do you believe you can have a life-changing experience through an online program? Is something within you jumping up and down, saying, ‘YES! THIS!”? Does what you read here really, truly speak to you? Own your clarity and ACT on it.
  5. Start. And stay. No refunds means there’s a cost to your leaving. When you feel resistance, you have to make a choice if you want to march through (with my help) to the next insight, or walk away. By not giving you an “out”, I’m asking you to TRUST YOURSELF, to trust this process, and to trust your community of soul sisters taking the plunge with you.

Is 2016 Your Year?

Turn within … and watch your outer life transform.

The SHE School gives you the framework to carve out spaciousness like a warrioress. To realize: that magic elixir you’re seeking … is within you.

Because when you live from your center, everything flows.

Spoiler alert: you won’t live Enlightened-Ever-After.

Spiritual awakening is like relationships – there is no happily ever after, only the work and the joy that comes from understanding that the path is the way.

You won’t meditate all of your problems away. Or discover the perfect yoga pose that cures you from feeling triggered or sad ever again.

But you will receive the guidance and support you need to revolutionize your relationship with yourself.

So that all of those challenges life keeps throwing your way? Will have your wisest, most resourced and vital self to contend with. Your SHE.

Your Heroine’s Journey lasts a lifetime. But when you have the right map, that’s wonderful news.

Go on the greatest spiritual pilgrimage of your live: to deep within your feminine soul. (No cave in Tibet required.)

There’s no need to scroll jealously through your friends’ Instagram-perfect retreat photos … when you slow down, integrate spiritual practice into your daily life, and reveal the magic in every little moment.

Because feminine awakening happens right here: in your daily life.

Yep. With the dirty laundry and emails. Right in the thick of all the busyness and the messiness.

Because meditating perfectly atop a mountain doesn’t prove how soulful you are. Making your entire life a loving spiritual practice does.

Your Investment in Yourself

The SHE School

$115/month for 9 months

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- OR -

One-time payment of $950 (save $165)

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Registration for The SHE School is now closed.

We'd love to stay in touch, and to support you with your life and practice until then.

Sign up below to receive feminine wisdom, loved straight to your inbox, from Sara; and to get on our early notification list for when registration opens again in November 2016.

- OR -

For women who want to be intimately mentored by Sara this year...

Invest in your SHE in a big way this year, because you so very much deserve it, my dear!

Treat yourself to a year of transformation in The SHE School, within this more intimate, in-depth container.

Plus, join Sara and our sisterhood for two virtual mastermind retreats, and in person for a week-long, silent SHE Retreat in Montana's pristine wilderness.

The SHE School LUXE

The SHE School 2016 + The SHE Retreat 2016 +
2 Virtual Mastermind Retreats with Sara

For those of you who love a good deal!

Sign up with for the retreat & get The SHE School and 2 virtual mastermind retreats as a bonus.

SHE Retreat

A total savings over $1200.

Learn more about the LUXE membership here.

The SHE Retreat is a 7-Day in-person retreat into the heart of feminine power. June 3-10, 2016 in the pristine wilderness of Montana.

*Both of these are prerequisites for applying for The Way of the Happy Woman® Certification training to become licensed to teach retreats in your home community.

$540/month for 6 months

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- OR -

One-time payment of $4240 $2950

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Please review our no-refund policy before signing up.

Have questions? Find your answers here.

Having problems with your order? Email us here.


“Whatever obstacles you have to clear to get to The SHE School, do it! every moment is worth it.”

“This retreat was a chance to realign my priorities and form a new commitment to my spiritual practice. It was a chance to get quiet and listen to my SHE.

Sara’s teachings are always practical and applicable. The space she creates and holds is transformative.”

Faith Davis

Boulder, CO

“If you want to connect with your soul and learn techniques on how to do that, this retreat is for you!”

“I feel like my heart is breaking open and I am able to detox and cleanse out some intense emotions. The first weekend of the SHE School provided me with an opportunity to quiet my min and clean out a few of the clouds blocking my SHE. Sara’s guidance was extremely helpful and gentle.”

Brandy Martin

Thornton, CO

“If you hold a longing deep within you to reconnect with your true self, this program is a wonderful way to do so.”

“I have finally set my roots in a substantial way, dropped in, and set a solid intention for moving forward with my personal practice. It’s a deep an intentional reconnection with my soul. A calling forth of my wisdom to guide me forward in the coming comings. A powerful and necessary gathering of women in community.”

Stephanie McMillan

Boulder, CO

“This is more productive, restorative, longer lasting (and less expensive!) than a spa weekend…and you don’t even have to leave home.”

“It helped me slow down, open up, and reconnect with the divine so that I have the faith that something bigger is holding and guiding me, enabling and empowering me to face and handle the chaos of life with more grace.”

Sara Brito

Boulder, CO

“A grounding reminder to flow with reality, the divine, to connect to other women, and to keep learning on the soul level.”

“I’ve returned to surrender, faith, my higher power, and the knowing that my soul is in control!”

Rachael McKee

Boulder, CO

“The retreat works virtually! I did it from home, streaming through big screen TV in my living room with an altar nearby and a “do not disturb” sign on my locked front door. I am really happy with the experience.”

“This retreat has been centering, healing, heart AND mind opening. I was able to slow down and access some inner uncertainty, as well as some inner wisdom.

The yoga practices were challenging and rewarding. Some of the journal exercises and the soul diagram set me up for some deep self-inquiry. I felt smoothly guided through the process and, as a virtual participant, appreciated access to the live retreat circle.”

Sonja Carey

Hood River, OR

“If there’s a whisper somewhere deep inside to do it – follow that whisper!”

Ruth White

Brisbane, Australia

“The program has allowed me to reconnect with the sacredness within.”

“I’ve learned that vulnerability is a strength that really does help heal those around me. I feel incredibly grateful for the women who have spoken about their experiences, it has helped me honor and reclaim lost parts of myself. I feel stronger to reach out to others who may benefit from me sharing my experiences.”

Kristie Gambrel

Ontario, Canada

“This retreat was a special gift on a special day!”

“The journaling and reflections brought deep insights for celebration and also gave focus for next 6 months . The yoga and meditation were AWESOME. Practicing together was so nourishing! I felt and still feel so grateful. Such bliss! Sara, thank you – it was GREAT TEACHING!”

Olga Ismagilova

Prague, Czech Republic

“Sara is a truly gifted teacher and provides us with amazing sisterhood.”

“It is wonderful to have a place to go with other women who are on a similar path. It feels supportive, loving, and nurturing and provides rich ground for personal growth and for continuing on one’s own process of individuation and soulful embodiment.”

Julie Pfnister

Portland, OR

“This is a sacred haven & sisterhood where you can truly come exactly as you are, and be totally embraced, nourished, supported and loved.”

“I have been incredibly blessed by participating and getting to know my sisters here. I now have the courage and confidence to open up more to other women about my truth: the dark parts, vulnerabilities, weak areas, sensitive issues, etc. Along with sharing and celebrating all the good, the light, beautiful and strong parts of me. This has helped me to honor, love and accept my whole self…which enables me to have more intimate, deeper connections with all others.”

Maritess Trivell


“I’ve learned how to cherish myself more, to love my body, my periods, and how to honor my own story as a woman.”

“This is a safe place to learn how to love yourself more deeply, with the inspiration of other amazing women. I love everything about it! This work is so important, and I’m very happy to be a part of it. Although the Path might be hard sometimes, it’s worth it…and I am worthy of it too!”

Andressa Nóbrega


“I’ve learned to listen to my body more, and embrace all of me.”

Misty Allen

“This is a wonderful gift to give yourself in order to deeply appreciate yourself as a woman, especially while going through life transitions.”

Nicole Foos

Los Angeles, CA

“The retreat last month was exceptional…”

“I found myself crying listening to your words at the beginning of the retreat. I now know that I need to put my self nurturing as a priority before being selfless in my relationships to…well, every area of my life!”

Sue Bach

Brisbane, Australia

“I’m so excited to be part of this amazing group!”

“I just spent 3 hours last night listening to the virtual retreat…I adored it! I’m so excited to be part of this amazing group! And I love how you said, this is only the beginning ;^) Wow! Because already we are so fully engaged in sharing and supporting each other! YAY!”

Laura Fragiacomo


“I feel much more in touch with my feminine body and soul and in alignment with the natural, feminine rhythms of the earth, moon, seasons, and life….”

“Sara’s guidance includes both gentle and penetrating questions and comments that help us to dive deeper into ourselves in the moment… the sharing and participation of all the women IS invaluable.”

Katy Taylor

St. Paul, Minnesota

“I have had a lot happen in my life in the last 6 months from my husband’s stroke to my son’s car accident. I have found peace in my life after attending Sara’s online retreats.”

“The knowledge that is shared by the women here (who don’t judge you)– in how to handle things in your life during the good and bad times—has been a real gift.”

Tammey Lortie

“It was a hugely valuable, transformative and honest course for me.”

“This course is not full of telling you about more things you must do, it’s really about stripping everything back to its most simple and listening deeply, of course to do this is hard and it leads you skillfully through this process. I felt very supported amongst a community of women. I was blown away by the honesty, compassion and sharing. I dove down deeply into dark parts of myself, but in such a grounded and safe way. It really integrated well into my daily life. It was very accessible.”

Hong Kong

Eva Papadakis

“For the first time in my life, I truly feel like I belong on the planet. This is a place where you can lean back and feel Ahhhh….”

“As a result of being in this program , I am more deeply relaxed and grounded. I have been gradually shedding old beliefs and patterns, and the sisterhood here has helped me with this. The tent has helped me learn to receive acceptance. I am finally getting to a place where I can relax into the idea that I belong somewhere—in all of my mess and glory.

The SHE School is a place of sanctuary where you can rest your fears, anxieties and false beliefs about yourself and your Divine-ness. In exchange, indulge in the ever flowing support and acceptance of real women who see who you are and love you in all ways. It is a place where you can bring your pain and a place where you can brag about your greatest gifts. You are allowed – actually encouraged to shine brightly with no fear of blinding anyone else or casting a shadow on the gifts and beauty of the other members.”

Deb Dawson-Dunn


What would your life be like, one year from now,
if you went on a retreat each month?
Who would you become?
What would be possible??

Your Investment in Yourself

The SHE School

$115/month for 9 months

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- OR -

One-time payment of $950 (save $165)

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Sign Up

Registration for The SHE School is now closed.

We'd love to stay in touch, and to support you with your life and practice until then.

Sign up below to receive feminine wisdom, loved straight to your inbox, from Sara; and to get on our early notification list for when registration opens again in November 2016.

- OR -

For women who want to be intimately mentored by Sara this year...

Invest in your SHE in a big way this year, because you so very much deserve it, my dear!

Treat yourself to a year of transformation in The SHE School, within this more intimate, in-depth container.

Plus, join Sara and our sisterhood for two virtual mastermind retreats, and in person for a week-long, silent SHE Retreat in Montana's pristine wilderness.

The SHE School LUXE

The SHE School 2016 + The SHE Retreat 2016 +
2 Virtual Mastermind Retreats with Sara

For those of you who love a good deal!

Sign up with for the retreat & get The SHE School and 2 virtual mastermind retreats as a bonus.

SHE Retreat

A total savings over $1200.

Learn more about the LUXE membership here.

The SHE Retreat is a 7-Day in-person retreat into the heart of feminine power. June 3-10, 2016 in the pristine wilderness of Montana.

*Both of these are prerequisites for applying for The Way of the Happy Woman® Certification training to become licensed to teach retreats in your home community.

$540/month for 6 months

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- OR -

One-time payment of $4240 $2950

Add to Cart

Please review our no-refund policy before signing up.

Have questions? Find your answers here.

Having problems with your order? Email us here.

“It’s worth it. If there’s anything within you that says ‘yes,’ say YES!”

Julia Forberg

San Francisco, CA

We can’t wait to welcome you home.

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